Three blogs // Three Tweets // One National Delivery Plan


For this Monday’s bank holiday blog AHPScot blog is highlighting three recent blogs and three tweets, which pick up on some of the key themes of the National Delivery Plan: Activity – Technology – Patient Centred Health Care.

All Tweeters can be recommended as excellent sources of regular and useful information. 

Blog #1. Activity

Dr Andrew Murray encourages health systems worldwide to think differently if the pandemic of inactivity is to be dealt with. He advocates physical activity being embedded in cirriculums and workforce development, primary and secondary care, and encourages everyone involved in health care to become a champion for activity to slay the couch killer.

Blog # 2 Co Production and Hope

Annie Cooper challenges us to think about whether we are’blobs’ or ‘squares’ and how our we can change depending on which side of the patient-medical fence you happen to be on. Using co-production we can use ‘blobby people’ more to try and resolve problems. Are you blobby or square?

You can watch the video by clicking here

Blog #3. Patient centred healthcare systems

‘Easier said than done?’ Abigail Warren, from NHSQUEST presents a video blog as she talked to improvement leaders from across the world at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in London this year. She asks: why patient centred healthcare is important, how it can be achieved, how it can be measured, and whether there is a place for incentives.  Cast includes Don Berwick and Jason Leitch 


Tweet #1. Mike Evans drawing on behaviours he hopes for in patients.

Tweet #2. Challenge to increase Smartphone use as 60% of our patients have a one.

Tweet #3. Telemedicine 24/7 access and reduced clinic visits.


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