The 2nd International Allied Health Conference. October 3rd, 2013.

A video blog by Jacqui Lunday Johnstone, Chief Health Professions Officer.

imageWELCOME to my first video blog talking about the 2nd International Allied Health Professions Conference Delivering Solutions and Demonstrating Impact for Global Health and Wellbeing being held in Edinburgh on the 3rd of October 2013.


International AHP Conference 3rd October 2013

To find all the information you will need about this event including view conference aims and registration details click here 

Introduction to the 2nd International AHP Conference

The conference will have a wide range of speakers and workshops and will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to learn and to network

About the International AHP Conferences

Share learning in role development, skill mix and leadership to accelerate the pace of change.

The changing role of AHPs internationally

The recognition of AHPs contribution to health and social care is growing

AHP Scotland Conference 2nd October 2013 


This isn’t the only AHP Conference on in October. This year’s AHP Scotland’s Conference is on the 2nd of October

To view conference aims and to register click here

Summing up

Thank you for joining me in this first video blog. You can follow me on Twitter via @ JacquiCHPO  and the International Conference too via @AHP_I

If you are interested in contributing to the AHPScot blog then contact Fraser Ferguson at

You can read all the previous AHPScot Blogs by clicking here or follow on Twitter @AhpscotBlog


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