Great Expectations!

Great Expectations! by Yolanda Strachan

Dear Readers,
greatDid you know that Pip, the central character in Charles Dickens’ 1861 novel Great Expectations, knew only one card game? In those days it was called ‘ Beggar thy Neighbour’. We know it as ‘Snap’.

This snippet of information popped into my life this morning and, like the geese forming and reforming into those beautiful arrowheads as they fly off to new climes, it has gradually taken form in my head as a flight of imagination – my great expectations for AHPs.

Are you ready?

Snap used to be known as ‘Eygyptian Ratscrew’ ( I don’t like to think about the origins of that name..) and ‘Heart Attack’ (hardly a great marketing ploy!). The name ‘Snap’ however is the brand that has become known the world over. A simple game, it gets the adrenalin going and usually has us hyper alert and laughing at that moment when the hands pile on top of each other.

I can play Snap with anyone. It is a concept so simple that it sails over borders.

Nowadays, Snap has become synonymous with recognition of what cards we have in common in everyday life. We use it in conversation to say ‘ Me too!’ Snap! ‘ Yes, I think that too!’ Snap! ‘Great minds think alike’ Snap! ‘ Yes, I really, really like red wine!’ Snap!

Consultation on the Consensus Statement for Allied Health Professions in Scotland Quality Service Values ended in June with a resounding ‘ strongly agree’ from AHPs.

The consensus statement clearly sets out the core values which are transparent and common across all Allied Health Professions. It confirms the minimum quality service values the people of Scotland should expect from Allied Health Professions services and from individual Allied Health Professionals. On the wave of these values, with real heart, I can stand alongside any of my colleagues from the thirteen Allied Health Professions in Scotland and say;


  • I too will be professional. Snap!
  • I too will identify what matters most to our service users. Snap!
  • I too will support the provision of equitable, quality care. Snap!
  • I too will continue to develop and use my knowledge and skills and evidence base to increase choice, access and improved, quality outcomes. Snap!
  • I too will deliver our services with compassion and accountability. Snap!

UnknownThe AHP Quality Service Values do not set the Allied Health Professions aside or apart. Rather they shape our presence in the arena of health and social care change. They give us a framework which will support the integral identity of the title Allied Health Professional whilst respecting the uniqueness of each Allied Health Profession: a framework in which Allied Health service provision can be observed, discussed, protected and improved: a value base which links to and is supportive of the long term strategy for health and social care and other sectors.

When the Quality Service Values are launched, to my best knowledge this will be the first time AHPs anywhere have agreed their core service values.



Like Snap they are simple.

Like the geese gathering, forming and reforming, they are the arrowhead for so much more.


My Great Expectations?… With energy and fun, these statements will evolve and change as the terrain of health and social care integration evolves and changes. Our AHP family will lead the way for other countries to agree AHP Quality Service Values. Over time, our values may generate agreed AHP standards.

Just as Snap has gone through rebranding, consider how it would be if we, the Allied Health Professions could also rebrand?

There is no law against dreaming and dreaming big – It all starts with one simple fun loving fact – we can all play Snap!

Thank you for reading,


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