Starting an AHP Conversation

Starting a conversation about AHPs

by Jacqui Lunday Johnstone Chief Health Professions Officer



On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2013, two conferences for AHPs took place in Edinburgh. These were unique opportunities to showcase the wonderful abilities and opportunities AHPs have to demonstrate their impact.

If you were at either day you or joined in via our Twitter feeds you would have been aware that there was a large amount of energy in the venue and a genuine drive to make the most of our opportunities.

These events offered AHPs the chance to network, stimulate and share practice  between colleagues from Scotland and much further afield. However, it is essential that the talking does not stop now the conferences have ended. That is why I am keen to start an ‘AHP Conversation.’

This overarching aims of the AHP Conservation are to:

  • raise the profile of AHPs
  • promote AHP practice
  • stimulate action and debate amongst AHPs

The plan is to share these replies and stimulate more discussion. Please join in the conversation. The three questions to start us off are below.


Question 1 ‘In 3 or so words – what makes AHPs unique?’

AHPs are often defined by what they cannot do. We know that the AHPs offer many services and interventions that make their roles stand out. But what are they and how can we convey these clearly to others?

Question 2 ‘How can AHPs get better at measuring the impact of their services & interventions’

Over the last couple of years there has been a drive both nationally and internationally to encourage AHPs to demonstarte the ‘so what’ in addition to ‘the what’. With a service improvement model core to our practice how can we get even better at measuring our impact.

Question 3 ‘Do AHP services where you work accept direct referrals……If not then why?’

Many AHP services accept referrals directly from users of their services. The benefits of this are well reported. But this access is not universal.

Click here to share your thoughts to as many or all of the three questions you have an opinion on. Your responses will vital to keep these important conversation topics going.

The AHP Conversation will also be on Twitter @AHPScot with a hashtag of #ahpconversation

Over the coming few months  this blog will be updated and the feedback to the three questions shared with you. Help us in starting a meaningful conversation, nationally and interntionally across AHP professions and their professional bodies.

Will you join in?


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