If a picture paints a thousand words…

Reflecting back and looking forward

In line with many other December activities – AHPScotblog is reflecting back on 2013 and looking forward to 2014. Next week some AHPs will share their thoughts and share their ‘so what’ moments from the last year.

This week it is less words and more images as we look back at the initial impact AHPScot blog has made since April and even more importantly how we can encourage other AHPs to join in this exciting Social Media Journey

What we said

Screenshot 2013-12-09 08.15.47

Who read it

Screenshot 2013-12-02 12.23.01

How to do it

[you can download a copy by clicking here]

Screenshot 2013-12-06 09.42.48

2014 How to join in


Please contact us if you want to join in just want more information



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