Help us to get Scots walking in 2015





Paths for All is Scotland’s national charity promoting everyday walking. We want to create a happier, healthier Scotland, where increased physical activity improves quality of life and wellbeing for all.


We know these goals are well aligned with Allied Health Professions. Indeed, in 2012 we welcomed the AHP Director’s Physical Activity Pledge: “We will work with a range of partners to increase the level of physical activity in Scotland”.



Like you, we are committed to increasing physical activity in Scotland. We believe that everyday walking can be the key to improving the health and wellbeing of the Scottish people. By encouraging and supporting more people to take their first small step towards enjoying physical activity, we want to help fight some of Scotland’s most pressing health issues: obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression and dementia.


The case for promoting walking grows stronger and stronger

In Scotland, it is estimated that low activity contributes to around 2,500 deaths per year and costs the NHS £94 million annually. With the predominance of sedentary jobs, reliance on car travel and ageing population we need to take action to include physical activity into daily life, helping to prevent ill health and its cost.

The Scottish Government launched some important documents in 2014, including the Physical Activity Implementation Plan, National Walking Strategy and the Active Travel Vision. With plans and strategies in place we all need to work together to give us the reality of a more active Scotland.

We can help you to get Scotland walking!

Health professionals have a crucial role to play in promoting physical activity with patients and ensuring patients are offered safe and appropriate options.

paEncourage your patients to join a Health Walk

A Paths for All Health Walk is:

  • Short (around 30 minutes)
  • Easy, low level (no hills)
  • Accessible (good quality paths and pavements)
  • Safe – all routes have been risk assessed
  • Has a friendly walk-leader to show the way
  • Is completely free

We have Health Walks in cities, town and villages right across Scotland. We also have walks just for people affected by cancer with Macmillan Cancer Support. Find a health walk here.

Join or hold a Promoting Walking Workshop

  • Designed to help Health Professionals promote walking
  • We’ll show you resources, support and tools that you can use
  • Taking place Stirling on 26 January and Glasgow on 4 Feb
  • Contact us for more info or to arrange a course in your area

Walking your way to better strength and balance

  • A programme of strength and balance exercises for falls prevention
  • Leaflets, tools and training available

Use pedometers to help your patients set and aim for goals 

  • We offer packs with diaries, guidance and pedometers
  • Proven to affect behaviour change as part of a 12-week supported programme

Get active in your own workplace

  • Set up a workplace walking group
  • Take part in our team Step Count Challenge in Spring 2015



Whose responsibility is it to support patients and clients on weight management?

Take one minute to link to our AHPScotPoll by clicking here


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