Weight or Words. Outcomes in weight management

by Joanna Teece Dietitian-Keep Well NHS Fife

# Outcomes # Nutrition and Dietetic Care Process

New Year, New Start, New resolutions. 


What does this mean to you?

UnknownHow do we show we have achieved the original goal of treatment, that we are successful, we have met our aims? Whose outcome is it? The service user or the service commissioner? What is more powerful? Number crunching such as patient contacts, % of weight lost or the words which tell and report patient experience.

As a Dietitian working in a changing landscape we are increasingly asked to prove our worth and sell our services. I work in weight management. January is traditionally a time of change, new ideas and new resolutions.  2/3 of the adult population are now overweight or obese.   Capturing the desire and motivation to lose weight in January is a key part of the weight management service I provide, but how do I measure this. What is our desired outcome?

Trust a DietitianAs a department we have started to look at the Nutrition and Dietetic Care Process . This has provided a framework to help structure, plan and measure our dietetic consultations. This is a step towards having and using outcomes we can easily measure and report.

So this is my resolution for 2015, a New Year, a new weight management group and a new approach to start consistently measuring and reporting on outcomes.  I’ve decided to go with both words and weight and to start small.


Screenshot 2015-01-07 16.45.10






Hopefully these outcomes will add weight to the words written in reports used to help plan, review and commission Nutrition and Dietetic Services.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 16.44.55







Screenshot 2015-01-07 16.29.36HAVE YOUR SAY

Whose responsibility is it to support patients and clients on weight management?

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