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From our archives…two years ago. Are we moving more?


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By Hazel Robinson, Macmillan Walking Development Officer @HazelMRobinson


We now know that being active during and after cancer treatment improves both physical and emotional cancer outcomes and reduces isolation. However, we also know that many people with a diagnosis of cancer lack the confidence to exercise and are nervous about building up their activity levels. We are also aware that a lack of suitable activities in local areas prevents people from getting out and moving more.

Macmillan Cancer Support has developed Move More Scotland to provide practical support and help to those affected by cancer so they can remain active throughout their cancer treatment, and afterwards.

To ensure there is something for everyone, there are four programmes to choose from, all of which have been designed specifically for people affected by cancer.


A form of adapted Chi Gung, an ancient Chinese practice of aligning breathing, physical activity and mental and spiritual awareness, and can be done as a seated exercise so it is accessible for people of all ages and abilities.



Walking groups

Low level, short, sociable walks led by trained volunteers which provide a supportive and friendly environment to become more active. Delivered in partnership with Paths for all.




Circuit Classes

Group based circuit classes delivered by Level 4 trained fitness instructors with specialist cancer and exercise training.



GardeningCommunity Gardens

Based within the community, they provide an opportunity for low level activity through participation in gardening.





All programmes are led or supported by volunteers and there has been a huge amount of support of the Move More Scotland programme from external organisations. Working in partnership with local authorities has allowed us to deliver Move More within local community libraries and leisure venues. This has helped to deliver the programmes in an environment which is community based, trusted, and non-judgemental and ensures that the classes and groups are accessible and welcoming to all – some can even be attended by carers and family or friends.

We are already delivering programmes in Glasgow, Dundee and Fife, with Aberdeen and Edinburgh soon to follow.

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