Use it or lose it. Social Media ain’t going away!

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-17-24-23As part of Scottish Digital Health & Care Week AHPScot is posting some videos about how Social Media is playing an ever growing part in the delivery of health and care. From TEDx to Annie Cooper……please enjoy.

We are aware of the irony that the technological advancement that is YouTube may well be blocked on NHS sites. Please let your IT departments know and see if they can help unlock these great resources.In the meantime send the blog home to access and read

If you want to know more about Digital Week click on the picture below.


Also at 8 pm on Monday 28th November @AHPScot will be supporting a Twitterchat on ‘How Nurses and AHPs can use technology to deliver the #2030NursingVision. Why not join us



Making a splash in Social Media



Social media tattoos



What if Dr House used Twitter?


And finally from an NMAHP perspective…..


Social Media and Me





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