A week in the life of…


By Euan McComiskie 

You will likely have heard about the AHP Operational Measures project from NSS and the involvement of the AHP Advisors from NSS. You may also be interested to hear what it is that the AHP Advisors actually do. So here is a week in the life of one of the AHP Advisors, Euan McComiskie, who splits his time between the NSS post and a clinical post in NHS Lothian as a Physiotherapist.

AHP Advisor – Supporting and leading on AHP work streams in NSS as well as providing support to boards, partnerships, SG and other bodies on matters relating to AHP data, intelligence and Informatics. Skills needed: knowledge of the subject matter is important as well as project management, leadership and prioritisation skills, and being a data geek is a bonus!

Physiotherapist – Working across a number of teams and wards in a district general hospital. Treating people from front door admissions to facilitating discharges as well as providing some input to post-surgery and rehabilitation wards. Skills needed: thick skin, strong stomach and good sense of humour as well as all of the clinical skills, knowledge and experience.




09:00 Full day in the hospital in my clinical post as a Physiotherapist. Covering gaps in a few teams today so all over the hospital but at least my step count will be impressive!
17:00 Patients treated and off home


07:00 On my way to the train station to get through to Glasgow for a day of meetings and some hot-desking
08:00 Catch up on some emails on the train through. God bless ScotRails free wifi!
10:00 Meeting at Meridian Court with members of the AHP Operational Measures (AHPOMs) Project Team in NSS. Finalising the proposed plan for phase 2 of the project.
12:00 Quick bite to eat and catch up on some more emails
14:00 Dialled in to webex with national AHPOMs group. Agreeing the scope of phase 2. The wheels are in motion now and the AHP Operational Measures juggernaut is back on the road!
16:30 Meeting in Meridian Court with representative from an IJB about them being involved in phase 2 of AHPOMs
17:30 Back on the train home and some more emails
19:00 Home with the laptop off, phone off and trying to switch the NSS brain off until Thursday!




08:00 In the hospital early to dial in to a board-wide video conference for AHP SuperUsers. Great chat and plans made by an innovative and exciting team from all professions and sites.
10:00 Back to the wards and working in the Stroke Unit today. Not worked here for a few years but great to be back and love watching the patients improve during the sessions.
16:00 Heading home and still on a buzz from a really enjoyable clinical day


09:00 Quick few hours in the office to catch up on some meeting actions from Tuesday and other emails.
11:00 Videoconference meeting with the other Clinical Information Leads in NSS. Discussing upcoming projects and research needing our input. Also answering some Freedom Of Information requests from Scottish Government.
12:00 Meeting with the NMAHP Network Steering Group. Finalising roles, organising upcoming events and arranging information to be circulated to the wider network. Lovely lunch too!
14:00 Back to the office to complete all actions from this weeks meetings, work on the communication list, logic model and SBAR for the AHPOMs project. And of course answer a few more emails!
17:00 Heading home after putting all my outstanding tasks on my “To Do” list!



08:00 Covering the medical inpatients team in the hospital today. After a quick team meeting to agree plans to blitz waiting lists and clear them before the weekend so it’s all systems go!
12:00 Quick team de-brief (no patients waiting for Physio in the hospital!) and hand over to the staff working over the weekend
13:00 Flick the switch in my head from Physio work (in the morning) to NSS work (in the afternoon). Using laptop at home to tidy up a few loose ends from this week and clear my inbox before the weekend.
17:00 Arranged a meeting with College of Occupational Therapy for next week, “To Do” lists written, diaries updated, and inbox cleared so all done for another week. Now for some relaxation time so off to the golf course!




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