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Back in April 2013 AHP Scot published its first blog. The aim of AHP Scot at that time was to increase the visibility of Scotland’s AHPs, and the work they do, by providing a platform for them to share their personal thoughts, views and news, whilst inviting comment and reaction from anyone with an interest. Since then over 160 blogs have been published on the site and they’ve received more than 40,000 views. The readers have heard from a range of AHPs, from podiatrists to dietitians, physiotherapists to paramedics. A range of colleagues from the third sector and health and social care have also been featured, as have some service users with first-hand experience of AHP services. The statistics show AHP Scot is continuing to grow its audience and has international appeal. However this only tells us part of a story, and we’d like to understand a little bit more about our readers and what they would like to see from AHP Scot in the future. With this knowledge we can ensure AHP Scot stays relevant and continues to achieve its aims; so please spare just a few minutes of your time, take our survey and share your views.

To take our survey please click on the link or copy and paste into your browser:

Thank you for engaging with us, sharing your thoughts and supporting the work of AHP Scot.compressed-stats


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