An AHP dataset for AHPs by AHPs

Fiona Millar (@fmillar1)

AHP Advisor, NHS National Services Scotland


In a previous Blogs by Euan McComiskie (@EMAHPInfo), he referred to the AHP Operational Measures project which is part of the Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme (AILIP) portfolio. Since this blog there has been lots of work to pull together a minimum AHP dataset which has involved a tour of Scotland, consulting more than 200 people, representing all 12 AHPs, ehealth and informatics staff from both health and social care over 6 workshops.



We are now at the point of national consultation and the consultation document can be found here.  This provides an opportunity for relevant organisations and individuals to offer their views on the proposed AHPOMs dataset, and associated definitions, in order to ensure that the data collected and associated outputs will meet the needs of AHPs. It is crucial that key stakeholders be involved in and shape this work, and to this end we welcome suggestions for amendments, improvements and feedback on any issues.


This is an AHP dataset for AHPs by AHPs

b7Following the closing date (Friday 16th June 2017) all responses will be reviewed and considered along with any other available evidence to help us finalise the AHPOM dataset. We will issue a feedback report on this consultation which will be published on the ISD website by October 2017.

Following this consultation, the nationally agreed dataset will be tested and a report formulated with suggestions for future phases of the project. The data set will then be tested within both health and social care with all 12 AHPs.

This project will help put Scottish AHPs as international leaders in relation to data so please contribute to YOUR dataset.

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