If you don’t have a seat at the table – bring your own!! (AKA the critical contribution of AHPs)

Last week we re posted a blog from Dr Lesley Holdsworth about the fourth industrial revolution. This week we wanted to remind readers of some wise words from Scotland’s Chief Nursing Officer. During recent weeks it has been no more apparent to the AHPScot team that the visibility of AHPs is paramount in supporting change and that by simply having a seat at the table you can have great influence, teach and learn from others….

AHPs across health and social care.

The complexity of our society and our professional contribution to it can be at the same time confusing and straightforward. On the one hand if we all are the very best we can be, health and services improve; however the opportunity for each profession to be the very best that they can, at times, feel elusive. None the less, I have no doubt of what is needed of us now; leadership and creating the conditions for maximising the contribution of all – whether that’s individuals in their own self-management, or professionals in whatever role they have.

AHPs have many unique selling points – if it’s OK to have many unique points. But the nature and diversity of the allied health professions I believe, means that they have the opportunity to contribute to improving the nation’s health and well-being and deliver outstanding care and services, in a way that no other…

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