Do AHPs have a role in Realistic Medicine?

Following the publication of the Chief Medical Officers annual report ( we revisit this blog about Realistic Medicine and ask: What is your role in Realistic Medicine?

AHPs across health and social care.

The team at AHPScot recently attended the Chief Medical Officer’s annual conference which focused on Realistic Medicine. Although there were very few AHPs in the audience, there was a buzz in the room and the potential of this strategy was clear.

There were a number of presentations throughout the day and some lively debate on twitter.

Two things stood out to us. One was a leaflet/poster directed at patients and the public which is currently being used in two NHS Scotland Boards:


The other was a question posted on twitter:

RM Twitter Question

We wondered what your thoughts are on both of these.

With regards to the leaflet, we at AHPScot felt that the prompts were applicable to all staff groups and should not be limited to nurses and doctors. We also questioned whether there should be variations of the leaflet or whether there should be a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to…

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  1. How about “Will this treatment help me to stay well or help me to manage my long term illness”?
    How does realistic medicine work alongside the “What matters to me” question?

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