AHPs Day – Twitter Chat

Tracy MacInnes (Interim CHPO) and colleagues will be hosting a Twitter chat to celebrate AHPs Day on October 15th. This will provide an opportunity for us all to come together, share what we do and highlight our impact.

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Anyone with a twitter account can participate and AHPScot will moderate the conversation and keep us to time. The moderator will ask an intro question followed by 5 additional questions, each of which is allocated 10 minutes of discussion time.

To allow time for you to think about the questions and your answers in advance they are posted below. On the night of the 15th, questions will be posed by the moderator preceded by a number (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 & Q6) and participants can respond to questions in the same order (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 & A6), add comments, favourite or RT answers that intrigue them. Using the hashtag #AHPsDayScot in each tweet will help us keep all of the tweets together and maintain the conversation.

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Q1. Introductions

Tell us who you are and what you did today for AHPsDay


4 - Copy

Q2. Unscheduled Care

AHPs have a major role to play in Unscheduled Care. Tell us about something you and your service have done this year to prevent delays.

Find out more about about this here: https://ahpscot.wordpress.com/2018/08/20/6-essential-actions-for-unscheduled-care-and-how-can-ahps-get-involved/

5 - CopyQ3. Waiting times

How do AHP interventions help waiting times?

#Ophthalmology #Surgery #Urology #ENT #Cancer #DiagnosticImaging #Orthopaedics

6Q4. Elective centres

The new elective treatment centres have had an orthopaedic and ophthalmology focus till now. What is the AHP offer going forward?

Find more information on elective treatment centres here:


7Q5. Mental Health

There is often a gap for people with emerging MH problems – what are you doing and what can we build on going forward?


number 6Q6. Back to the day.

What will you take away from today and how will this help us deliver the best possible care in Scotland? #OnceForScotland


There are a few resources you might want to use to promote AHPs Day in your area. You can find these here

See you next Monday!



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