A No-Diets Approach – Dietitians are changing the way they discuss nutrition

As the festive season approaches and many conversations turn to the topic of diet and weight loss we revisit one of our most popular blogs of the year from Australian Dietitian @ChristinaAPD

AHPs across health and social care.

A paradigm shift is occurring in nutrition and dietetics. A no-diets approach to health is being incorporated into many university degrees and being utilised by a growing number of dietitians.

Now you may be wondering why dietitians wouldn’t use diets to help patients and clients. Isn’t there an ‘Obesity Crisis’ and isn’t helping people to lose weight what a dietitian does?

Let’s find out more

The ‘non-diet approach’, sometimes shortened to ‘NDA’, is a method health professionals can use to support community members to make health behavior changes without a focus on weight loss.

There are four main reasons why many health professionals don’t recommend weight loss programs or diets as a means for good health anymore:

  1. Diets don’t work

For the majority of people, weight loss techniques do not work in the long term. For example, results of a 2013 systematic review showed many people can lose weight initially…

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