Digital Leadership is fun.

Leading the delivery of the NMAHP Digital Health and Care Leadership programme[1] is an absolute joy. Here’s why…

Enjoyment and commitment are two words that best describe my experience.

It is first and foremost a leadership programme, it happens to be in the context of digital but it’s about vision, negotiation, motivation, influence, drive for improvement, resilience, values … well Leadership.


Enjoyment of digital, which has long been an interest of mine from being the first of my friends to own a computer (a spectrum that must be worth a bit now); being rather hooked on apps to make my day to day life easier; to my current role in leading the delivery of a programme that aims to enhance health and care through the use of technology. I get paid too which is a nice bonus.

Enjoyment is seeing experiential learning make an impact on health and care delivery. The range of digital service improvement projects progressed by participants has been fantastic. Some don’t get off the starting block, but these are still successful in terms of leadership development. Using social media is either fully embraced or reluctantly tolerated. Those who buy-in to social media have ready access to up to date information. We do meet face to face to get to know each other but using technology enabled virtual learning and virtual peer support is experienced by participants. They seem to enjoy it too. Cohort 11 enjoying a virtual session.


Naturally, we have excellent speakers on the 9-month programme. They are at the top of their game displaying leadership, expertise and commitment to the improvement that digital can make to people and the efficiencies that can be made to services.

The majority of the National NMAHP dHealth steering group are previous participants of the Programme. A fine group of professionals who go the extra mile to represent NMAHPs. It is a privilege to assist them to drive forward the Digital Health and Care Strategy.

The best way I can describe the positive impact that all stakeholders associated the programme have, is to reference high performing teams. The participants, the speakers, the NMAHP steering group are collectively a high performing team displaying these attributes.


Cohort 12 starts in April 2019

Areas of focus for Cohort 12
Spreading the use of video consultation (specifically Attend Anywhere)
Using data to drive improvement
Supporting prevention and self-care (e.g. using decision support tools) 
Enabling mobile and flexible working

Go to to find out much more and if you are interested in applying please do so before 31st January 2019

It really is a joy to be involved.

[1] *formally known as the NMAHP eHealth leadership programme

Ann Rae PicBy Ann Rae, Principal Educator, NHS Education for Scotland

Follow me on Twitter: @AnnRae

N.B: All of this week’s blogs are also available via Scotland’s new Digital Health and Care Website If you’ve not visited yet, why not take a look at it now and tell us what you think of it via the online survey.


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