The  Incredible Journey…

As we are about to enter 2019 we leave you with this blog from Scotland’s Chief Nursing Officer.

AHPs across health and social care.

Opening‘About 5 years ago I was in a terrible place psychologically, unable to open my curtains let alone leave the house. My GP referred me to the Occupational Therapy team, this was the start of my incredible journey.’ [i]

This testimony to the Occupational Therapy service is remarkable in one sense – in as much as it demonstrates the power of AHP support; but unremarkable in another – as it is just one example of where AHPs are making that life changing difference – day in day out.

As society changes – older, not yet better health; and the world we live in also changes – digital and artificial intelligence, not yet fully harnessed; so too must we as practitioners change.

PhysioWorking in ways that we previously had never imagined – enabled by new technologies; earlier intervention; AHPs being first point of contact and managing the whole patient pathway.  At…

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