The HCPC and You

AHPScot is your blog. It provides a space for the sharing of good practice, a space for collaboration and it highlights issues of importance. It is also a place for others to see the role of the allied health professions (AHPs) and to witness their impact on individuals and populations.

Today we’d like to use the blog to highlight a recent decision by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) – to raise the fee for registrants by 18% from October 2019.

The HCPC regulates 16 professions across the UK. That includes Arts Therapist, Dietitians, Occupational Therapist, Orthoptists, Orthotists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Prosthetists, Radiographers and Speech and Language Therapists.

Through registration the public can be guaranteed that those working in the above named professions are following a code of conduct that advocates confidentiality, effective communication, evidence based and up to date practice, honesty, and continuing professional development etc. However, these professionals cannot work in their chosen profession unless they are registered with the HCPC. That means each practitioner has no choice but to pay the 18% increase in annual fee from October 2019; it also means registrant have seen a 40% increase in fees since 2014.

Many feel that this rise is unjust and that there is a lack of public scrutiny where the HCPC is concerned. As such, an early day motion has been created and AHPs and the public are being encourage to ask their MP to support the motion.

To view the motion click here

You may also want to use this template (provided through the British Dietetic Association but easily adaptable for your profession) to write to your MP highlighting the issue

If you would like to raise any other issues affecting AHPs via the blog, or you have any examples of good practice and impact which you would like to share, let us know – just comment below or get in touch on twitter via @AHPScot

Let us know what you think…vote below.


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