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Connie Murray Unscheduled Care Service Improvement Manager NHS Ayrshire & Arran @Connieamurry 

I was asked to write this blog to tell you more about me as one of the social media champions for AHPScot blog so here goes…..

I have worked as an Occupational Therapist in Ayrshire and Arran for more years than I care to remember.  They have gone by in a flash, but one thing that has been consistent throughout my time,  is my love for my profession and the positive contribution that not only Occupational Therapist’s but all AHP’s can make to a person’s life, health and wellbeing.

What attracted me to study Occupational Therapy, was that I loved the idea of looking at all the things that were important to an individual, that made them who they were and to consider how I could help them achieve all the things they wished to.   For me, that means being a busy mum of 2, running about from baton twirling to horse riding while coaching junior hockey in between.  So many things make me who I am, and what is important to me won’t be important to someone else.  We are all unique and Occupational Therapy has allowed me to explore the uniqueness in all the people that I came into contact with.

Looking back I have always been interested in improvement and have been involved in many tests of change and projects over the years.   So it was a natural progression to get further involved in this line of work when the opportunity presented itself.  The Unscheduled Care Improvement Team had previously supported me with a test of change I carried out developing an OT clinic within a GP practice.  As a result of this I initially became a part of the team for 2 days a week focusing on implementing Daily Dynamic Discharge (DDD) across our two acute sites.  

Initially, it seemed that having an AHP in such a role was novel and somewhat questionable to some, but I would argue that AHPs are in a great position, due to our unique experience and ability to bring a different perspective to the task.  I have found that my Occupational Therapy background has been invaluable when I trying to implement this improvement work, as I have the knowledge of how the wards work, the challenges they face and the complexity of the discharge process. In some places, I was a well kent face which also helped.

As part of our implementation we have produced a video to demonstrate the format of a DDD whiteboard.  It has been great to use technology as part of our improvement journey and to also use social media to share this. Our Oscar winning clip is available through this link:-  

Although now working full time in improvement, the aim and the goals are very much the same as when I am working in Occupational Therapy, that is, to improve that experience for our patients and those that come into contact with our service.  It doesn’t come without its challenges but it’s great to see and hear the improvement stories and to celebrate those successes and share the learning through social media.

Social media, as I have discovered, is also a great way to both learn and share our successes and occasional failures with others.  It is a great platform to promote the great work that goes on by AHP’s across the country.  That is why I agreed to be the NHS Ayrshire and Arran social media champion for AHP Scot blog, as no matter what job I am doing, be it Occupational Therapy or in my role as an Improvement Advisor, I have been and also will be passionate and vocal about the value that AHP’s add to our health and social care system in Scotland.

Here are some NHS Ayrshire and Arran social media influencers to get you started….@ang_rowe; @GrierAHP; @AJohnso10; @Alistair_ahp; @HazelINMAHPDir


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