National Allied Health Professions Day #AHPsDayScot

#AHPsDay #AHPsDayScot

This week @ahpscot will be joining colleagues far and wide to celebrate National Allied Health Professions Day, AHPsDay on Thursday 14th October.

Want to find out more and join in the celebrations? Do you have 5 minutes? Then take 5 and find out more below.

A big thank you to the National Allied Health Professions Social Media Coalition and the NHS Education Scotland (NES) Allied Health Professions team who have kindly gave permission to share the information and ideas below.

What does AHP mean?

AHP is shorthand for Allied Health Professionals. There are 14 AHP Professions in Scotland.

The 14 AHP Professions in Scotland

  1. Art Therapists
  2. Diagnostic radiographers
  3. Dietitians
  4. Drama Therapists
  5. Music Therapists
  6. Occupational therapists
  7. Orthoptists
  8. Orthotists
  9. Paramedics
  10. Physiotherapists
  11. Podiatrists
  12. Prosthetists
  13. Speech and language therapists.
  14. Therapeutic radiographers

What is AHPs Day?

It is an annual event, which started in 2018, and is marked on the 14th of October. It is a day to join together as Allied Health Professionals.

In 2021, the value of coming together globally as an allied health professional community has never been more important. The past 18 months have been challenging but also inspiring, where we have seen on a daily basis what a positive impact we can make to people’s lives and the way we have adapted our practice due to the demands of a pandemic. So, let’s use this year’s AHP day to stop, think and reflect on what a contribution we have all made and the importance of working together as an allied health professional community and in partnership with the teams we work with and the people we are here to support.

#AHPsDay is a social movement. There are no must do’s, only can do’s!

The important thing is to share it with others using the social media hashtags #AHPsDay & #AHPsDayScot.

What could I share for #AHPsDayScot?

Celebrate, Appreciate, Inspire, Connect

This year the four key areas of focus will continue to be: Celebrate, Appreciate, Inspire, Connect

Celebrating who we are as allied health professionals, the people we work with and the impact we can make every day.

  • Why not have a virtual get together to share and celebrate all your successes – you choose how! #celebrate

Appreciating our skills and impact on care and support in our local communities is important. Do you have local stories to share? Maybe you will be you hosting AHP appreciation awards? We know relationships and people are at the heart of everything we do

  • Why not use the day to day to just say thank you, reflect on how we look after our own health and wellbeing and those of we work with. #appreciate

Inspiring our future workforce and ensuring we can continue to grow an AHP workforce fit for the future is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to making an AHP career, a career of choice, offering the opportunity to explore the variety of career opportunities across the AHP professions.

  • Share how you are inspiring our future workforce or maybe how you are offering new and innovative models of practice placements #inspiring

Connecting with others. What relationships and conversations do you need to be engaging in to plug AHPs into workforce transformation and pathway redesign in your system? How are you connecting research with clinical practice? How are you sharing success and joining the dots on quality improvement? How are you connecting across the system on the shared ambition and aspiration of Scotland’s National Performance Framework? #connect

Join other Allied Health Professionals in a day of collective action, by doing something that is meaningful and important to you.

I’m an AHP but don’t use Social Media. What value is there in using Social Media ?

Here’s a great video that tells you more.

Would you like to join in with the AHP Twitter challenge?

Why not challenge a fellow AHP? Find out more here AHP Twitter 10 day challenge ( Download, 215 KB)

Looking for Resources to Support #AHPsDayScot?

There are lots of resources available to support the day. Follow the link here:


Ideas to get you started …….

Take part our #AHPsDayScot twitter challenge #connect
Download the #AHPsDayScot poster, take a photo and share
Change your social media profile picture to the #AHPsDayScot logo. If you don’t use social media, what about changing you MS Teams background?
Get involved in an #AHPsDayScot Photo challenge! #celebrate
Email and contact colleagues to say “thank you” #appreciate
Demonstrate your AHP profession in an ‘AHP’ photo? #inspire
Consider writing a future blog for @AHPScot as a way to share ideas and your work
Take a picture of local areas of interest and adapt to reflect national #AHPsDay.
Which AHPs have inspired you over the years? Tweet to let others know #inspire #connect
What inspires you about the other AHP professions other than you own? How can you #inspire our future workforce? You may want to share an interesting fact about your profession or tell folk why you love the profession you are in.
Record a 2 minute video to share your learning from AHP research & tweet to @ahp2mintalks as a great way to #celebrate our AHP research culture in Scotland”
Share positive changes you have been made to your practice during the pandemic? It would be good to be able to share your experience and thoughts about these and which need to held onto/built on into the future #connect #appreciate

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy celebrating National Allied Health Professions Day on Thursday #AHPsDay #AHPsDayScot



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