Dietitians Week 2015

ByMarjory Photo

Marjory MacLeod

BDA Scotland Board Chairperson

Dietitians Week was established as part of Trust a Dietitian, the latest British Dietetic Association (BDA) campaign, which highlights the work and worth of Dietitians and the dietetic profession in the UK. The world’s first Dietitians Week took place last year: June 2014. It was a tremendous success, and as a result the profession are delighted that it will be repeated this year from the 8th-12th June.

Dietitians WeDW2015-Medium-150x150ek serves to demonstrate and promote the great variety of roles within the dietetic profession and the significant impact Dietitians have on public health. This year the BDA Scotland Board are playing their part by co-ordinating blogs from Dietitian’s working across Scotland and posting them here on AHP Scot Blog.

The BDA Scotland Board will also be hosting a Scottish Parliamentary Reception on June 10th following the close of Parliament business. Our event, sponsored by Jamie McGrigor MSP for Highlands and Islands, will be an opportunity to showcase the role of Dietitians and their work in the area of dementia.

This area of work was chosen as approximately 90,000 people are currently living with dementia in Scotland and Dietitians play a vital part in their care. Dietitians:

  • Help with diet and nutrition-related problems
  • Provide advice on appropriate food choices, the importance of hydration and eating environments
  • Help to reduce the stress and distress that can be associated with eating when someone has dementia and
  • Provide advice and support to family and professional carers who are involved in food provision.

Dietitians from acroTAD-Jpeg-Logo1-150x150ss Scotland are participating in the event, and their work with voluntary agencies, industry, health and social care will be illustrated. All 128 MSP’s have been invited to attend along with external list of interested parties and all Scottish Dietitians, so it should prove to be a wonderful evening. To read more about the event and one of the projects illustrated at parliament, come back on Thursday the 11th of June.

In the mean time we will post a blog a day here on AHP Scot Blog which gives you the perfect opportunity to read more about the other areas of work Dietitians are involved in. If you want to ensure you never miss a blog posted by AHP Scot Blog follow the blog by inserting you email in the box on the top right of this page.   Otherwise pop by tomorrow to read a blog from Amanda Hallson and Rona Osborne which focuses on Bariatric Surgery and its role in weight management.

Thanks for reading and have a great Dietitians Week 2015!


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