NHS Education Scotland: Supporting the role and career development of Allied Health Professions

The AHP team here at NES are committed to making sure that wherever AHPs are employed that it is a great place to work and to learn.

Variety is the spice of life  – being an AHP is great – no two days are ever the same. Each day is different – no two clients are the same, different approaches are needed to meet individual need’s, the evidence base that we use is constantly changing,  diagnostic techniques and treatments are advancing and how we and service users use technology all means how we deliver services changes too. Our professions are constantly evolving  to take on new roles.  For AHPs to capitalise on these opportunities and be at the forefront of these changes we must prepare ourselves to work differently and acquire the knowledge and skills to deliver services differently and safely . Here at NES we help you identify your learning and development needs and signpost you to resources to develop your practice.

Preparing to deliver services differently – its helpful to plan your development – it’s a cycle that never stops

Gail blog 2 fig 1

For more information about planning your learning journey – go to the NES AHP CPD animation.

Gail blog 2 fig 2Knowing where to start – what am I expected to do?

The NES NMAHP Post Registration Career Development Framework shows you what is  expected at each level of practice – Newly Qualified, Senior, Advanced and Consultant Practitioners in each of the four pillars of practice

Resources to support your development

We have lots of resources to support your development across the four pillars of practice – here are just a few of the many you can access on line .

Supporting your first year of practice as an AHP

Gail blog 2 flying start

With the support of a designated facilitator and your peers Flying Start NHS is a development programme which  helps you make the step from student to a confident and capable, registered health professional

Being a Great Practitioner

Gail blog 2 effective prac

Effective Practitioner can help you to identify gaps in knowledge and direct you to resources that can help meet your learning needs. The learning activities have been created specifically for AHPs, Nurses and Midwives and will help you with your performance / KSF development reviews, personal development plans and maintaining your professional registration.

Helping you record your learning and development

Gail blog 2 turasWe recently launched the AHP Professional Portfolio on our TURAS platform

This is an online resource for AHPs. It helps you to record and store details about your CPD. You can develop a portfolio of evidence for your appraisal, planning your career development or for an HCPC audit.  Its available for all AHPs in Scotland, including the NHS, Social Care, Education, Voluntary and Independent Sectors.

What can you do with the NES AHP Professional Portfolio?

  • Create your Personal Profile

Record information about your professional, employment, career, development and achievements.

  • Gather Evidence

Create a record of your CPD activities in chronological order. You can also use templates to record reflective practice, support and supervision sessions or record feedback about your practice.

  • Uploaded Documents

You can store any supporting documents, photographs, audio files etc which support CPD activities

  • Use Share Packs
  • You can gather and share evidence from all parts your portfolio with others using a web link so that you can get feedback about practice and development.

Add the AHP Professional Portfolio to your TURAS dashboard by clicking on the ‘add application’ link and choose Professional Portfolio.

Gail blog 2 promotionPromoting the achievements of AHPs

AHPs make huge contributions to leading service change and developing innovative practice. The NES AHP team encourage you to share your achievements as widely as you can – presenting at conferences and publishing your work in your professional newsletter or academic journal . We have a great resource to help you do this.

Always happy to help!

The AHP Team at NES are always happy to support your learning and development in whatever way we can . We aim to enable excellence in health care through education, workforce development and support.

For further information you can contact us at postreg.nmahp@nes.scot.nhs.uk


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