5 things you need to know about @AHP2minTalks


 @AHP2minTalks (@ahp2mintalks) / Twitter

@AHP2mintalks is a global twitter community that aims to make research useful for practice. Contributors post 2-minute video summaries of research relevant to AHPs to help share learning and promote relationships between research and practice. Here, Jenna Breckenridge and John Tougher, two of the co-founders of @AHP2mintalks, take us through five things you need to know about this exciting virtual community.

It was set up by AHPs for AHPs

The idea for @AHP2mintalks came from a workshop series hosted by Jenna and funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. We brought together AHPs from across all the professions with researchers and creative experts to design solutions to address the research practice gap. We felt that the idea of sharing 2-minute video summaries could help make research more easily accessible and digestible for busy practitioners. @AHP2mintalks was launched at the end of the workshop series in 2019 and has grown into an international online community.

Everyone is welcome to take part

We welcome 2-minute talks from everyone! There is no special submission process, and you don’t need to wait for an invite. Simply record a 2-minute video that summarises a piece of research that has relevant learning for the AHP community. Tweet the video from your own twitter account and include the @ahp2mintalks handle. We will then retweet from the @AHP2mintalks account. We are keen to receive talks from AHPs across all of the professions. We also welcome contributions from non-AHPs too, so long as the video content shares relevant learning for AHPs.

You can talk about your research at all stages, not just completed studies

@AHP2mintalks is a great way to share your completed research and we love videos that make explicit recommendations about how the research findings can be implemented in practice. But don’t feel that you have to wait! Too often, researchers wait until the end of their research projects to share their findings, when it would be useful to engage with the practice community much earlier. One of the aims of @AHP2mintalks is to create connections between researchers and practitioners with shared interests, something that is vitally important throughout the research process and not just at the end. You may even want to do a series of 2-minute talk videos e.g. one on your proposal, one on your preliminary findings and a final one on your concluded study and practice recommendations.

You can talk about other people’s research

Being research active as an AHP is both about doing and using research. Whilst not all AHPs will be producers of research, all AHPs will be consumers. Think of @AHP2mintalks as a virtual journal club. When we read research and share what we have learned with our peers, it contributes to a stronger research culture for our professions. We really encourage you to use @AHP2mintalks as a platform to share and promote others’ research, not just your own. As co-founders, some of our most highly viewed talks have been summaries of research authored by other people. It is a great way to support AHP research and to bring a much needed practice lens to published studies. 

You don’t have to be a tech-wiz

The whole idea of @AHP2min talks is to make things as quick and as simple as possible. Simply shoot the video on your smart phone and upload it to twitter via your own account. Subtitles can help your video get more views. Not only is this more inclusive, but it means that people can access the video with the sound off, which is helpful for people scrolling through twitter on their daily commute etc. Subtitles can be added using a number of freely available software packages that most people have on their smart devices anyway.

We warmly invite you to join the @ahp2mintalks community and to submit your videos. If you would like some assistance with either the content of your talk or the technical aspects of making and uploading your video, please get in touch.

Contact details:

Dr Jenna Breckenridge is AHP Research Lead for NHS Tayside and a Lecturer in Health Sciences at the University of Dundee. Contact her via j.breckenridge@dundee.ac.uk  or on twitter @Jen_breck Dr Jenna Breckenridge (@Jen_Breck) / Twitter John Tougher is Podiatry MSK Lead, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Contact him via John.Tougher@ggc.scot.nhs.uk or on twitter @runnerbhoy https://twitter.com/runnerbhoy?s=20&t=S0h93Mh94RrRzcKUYH7c_w


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